How to Make Epoxy Floors Shine

Epoxy flooring is durable, versatile and attractive than any type of traditional floors. It can be tinted, highlighted and stained to create a visually stunning surface. The best part is that the epoxy is self cleaning so it won’t cause any health problems or damage your floor. In this blog post, we’ll go over exactly why epoxy floors are so popular today and how to make epoxy floors shine?

Some ways to make epoxy floors shine:

Prevent Damage:

Epoxy floors are scratch and stain resistant but damage  if floor not properly prepare before  application of epoxy chemical. Epoxy floors are waterproof, but they can still get damaged by liquids. If any liquid gets on the floor make sure to immediately clean it off with a vacuum. Also make sure not to rub the stain with a cloth because fibers can be pulled off and destroyed. It’s also important to keep your epoxy floors in good shape because water droplets will absorb into the surface of your epoxy floor.

Maintenance Routine Cleaning:

Epoxy floor require routine cleaning otherwise floor become fade. Even though epoxy floors are durable, they still need to be maintained and kept free of dirt, dust and hair. If left unattended, the floor’s surface can gather dirt and stain buildup over time by which you will experience a reduced gloss or dull appearance. So make sure you clean the floor regularly with warm water and soap to remove dirt, oil, wax or any other stains on the surface of your epoxy floors.

Remove Tough Stains:

In case you’re unable to remove any dirt, grime or stain with mild soap and water then you can use cleaning solution. Make sure that your cleaning solution is neutral or a little bit acidic. Avoid using strong cleaners because they will dry out the floor’s surface.

Protecting your floor:

One of the best ways to keep your floors shiny and clean is by protecting them with mats or rugs placed in front of doors or entrances so that dirt is not tracked into the house. Vacuum your floor often and clean up any spills immediately to preserve its shine.

Apply Wax:

Epoxy floors can lose their shine over time so apply wax after certain time. If you have epoxy floors then you can apply wax to your floors on a regular basis to keep them looking great and smooth.

Make sure that you test a small area first to see how your wax feels before completely covering the entire floor.

You can also try a varnish sealer to protect your epoxy floor from any water damage.


You can repair your epoxy floors by touching up chipped or damaged areas. Just mix a small amount of the epoxy floor product with the same brand’s color and apply it with a brush or roller in the damaged area by following the manufacturer instructions.

How to shine epoxy floors?

It is fairly simple. You only need to use an epoxy floor cleaner. Apply the cleaner evenly along the entire length of the floor, avoiding any drips. Let it dry before sanding and refinishing it with the epoxy finish product. If you need to remove scratches, you can use a scratch remover and put some extra shine on your epoxy floors. After this to shine epoxy floors method, your epoxy floor will be like new as it was before. You can use the same process on any type of floors. Just make sure that you choose the right cleaner for it because using a wrong cleaner may cause irreparable damage to your floor.

Bottom Line:

To keep your epoxy floors shiny and new, make sure you take proper care of your floor by following all manufacturer instructions. Make sure to clean it regularly and avoid using harsh chemicals on the surface. You can use cleaning solution if soap and water doesn’t work, but don’t use strong detergents which may be harmful to your floor. Also make sure to cover areas where dirt and debris usually accumulate like entrances and hallways with rugs or mats in order to prevent damage to your floor’s surface.

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