What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a layer of thick liquid chemical solution that apply on floor instead of tiles, floor finish, mosaic floor and ready concrete. After applying it's make a strong combination with surface and make floor more stronger than traditional floors. Different colors, long life durability and stunning look make epoxy floor popular day after day.

Where is used?

Epoxy floor most used in commercial space, hospital, garage and industrial area. Because of strong, glassy it's popularity increased.

Advantage of Epoxy flooring in Bangladesh:


Epoxy floor save your floor from moisture. Due to heavy rain sometimes our interior walls or floor become damp. It's hampers our daily routine. Avoid such problem use epoxy coating on floor. Most of the epoxy coating is waterproof so that it's make obstruct against damp.


Epoxy floor more attractive than any other flooring system. You get different color epoxy floor in market. Long lasting: Epoxy floor durable and strong than traditional floors. If you are businessman you must know strong floors is much important in any company. You can epoxy floor more than 10 years without any renovation. Hygienic: Hygienic is another important facts in pharmacy, food processing factory and hospital. Epoxy floor much hygienic than traditonal floor.

Affordable cost:

While you need to install your factory floor cost is the major factor. Because most of the factory size is huge. So that you need best quality floor with affordable price. In such situation you may use epoxy floor because it's price is affordable.


Most of the people think it's need too much maintenance of epoxy floor. But it's absolutely wrong. Epoxy floor not too much like traditional floor. It's easy to remove any kind of stain from epoxy floor.


Epoxy floor is ideal for heavy duty area. Most of the company used roller on surface. Epoxy floor is the perfect choice such area. Any type of heavy material not create scratch on surface.

High temperature resistance:

Epoxy is the High temperature resistance checimal. You can easily use epoxy floor in high temperature area without having any harm.


It's easy to clean epoxy floor no require professinal person. If you not know proper cleaning system just search youtube and you will get stunning clean idea.    

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