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Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is a layer of thick liquid chemical solution. 

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Epoxy Floor PaInt

Decorative epoxy flooring is the combination of stunning metallic solution. 

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PU Floor

Pu industrial flooring is the combination of thermo setting polymer.

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floor hardener
floor hardener

Floor hardener can be used over newly placed concrete.

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Waterproofing Solution

Waterproofing make an structure waterproof.

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Duplex House Design In Bangladesh
Building design

After build any construction next step is interior design.

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Best Construction Chemicals And Supplier Comapny Dhaka, Bangladesh


Best Construction Chemicals And Supplier Comapny Dhaka, Bangladesh


Cons. Chemical Construction chemicals used all types of construction structure. Construction chemical increase mixing freezed time. So that it's qualily not changed and it's mostly used in pre-cast and under water construction.Sometime users required build up structure under water in this situation use construction chemical that make bonding within few minutes.Recently construct Padma Bride is the best example for this sector. While Engineer make such under water construction use construction chemical for hard bonding. Globally construction chemical categorised as:

  • Concrete admixtures.
  • Asphalt modifiers.
  • Adhesives and sealants.
  • Protective coatings

Construction chemical not only used in under water construction also used inresidential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. We are one of the top construction chemical service provider in Bangladesh. We provide all bellow type of construction chemicals.

  1. Concrete Admixtures
  2. Curing Compound
  3.  Coal Tar
  4. Epoxy Putty
  5. Hydrated Lime Powder
  6. Non Metallic Floor Hardener
  7. Sealing Compounds
  8. Chemial Resistant
  9. CoatingMicro Concrete
  10. Poly car boxylate  Ether
  11. Putty Powder
  12. Cement Admixture
  13. Elastomeric Coatings
  14. Corrosion Resistant Coating
  15. Building Chemicals
  16. Soda Lime
  17. Plaster Putty
  18. Degreasing Chemicals
  19. Grouting Compound
  20. Integral Waterproofing Compound
  21. Mortar Plasticizer
  22. Waterproof Admixture
  23. Air Entraining Agent
  24. Concrete Accelerator
  25. Water Reducer
  26. Concrete Curing Compound
  27. Paver Block Hardener
  28. Lime Chemicals
  29.  Adhesives & Injections
  30. Waterproofing
  31. Floor Hardner
  32. PU Foam Spray
  33. Joint Sealants
  34. Grouts & Resin Anchors
  35. Repair Systems
  36. Protective Coating
  37. Industrial Flooring
  38. Sports Flooring
  39. CFR

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