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Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is a layer of thick liquid chemical solution that apply on floor instead of tiles, floor finish, mosaic floor and ready concrete. 

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PU Floor

Pu industrial flooring is the combination of thermo setting polymer,  thermo setting polymer with contain pu flooring is made.

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Building design

After build any construction next step is interior design. Interior design make your structural design more beautiful and attractive. Bangladeshi house design 

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Duplex House Design In Bangladesh



Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

What is a duplex house?

A duplex house is one kind of residential building that is constructed on two floors. In duplex house made with the theme of one dining room and a single kitchen. In every duplex house separate by entry points for both floors. In lower portion of duplex house a kitchen, bedroom and guest room placed. In upper portion master bedroom placed. In combination of two floor duplex house made. But if find more than two floor it's called multiplex. Duplex House Design In Bangladesh very popular in our country.

What is the difference between two-storey house and duplex?

Duplex house in Bangladesh increased in last few years. Combination of two-storeyed structure duplex house is designed and constructed. These two storyed structure connected through a staircase independently. So it can be said all types of two-storeyed buildings may not be categorised as duplexes house. On the other hand all type two-storeyed buildings may not connected with independent staircase. It's the major difference between two-storey house and duplex. We provide all types of low cost house design in Bangladesh.    

What is the difference between duplex and villa?

Villa is more larger that flat or duplex house and it's not constructed with two storyed property. Duplex and villa both types home popularity rapidly increased in last decay. Both house suitable and comfortable for residential uses. But villa uses for privacy and spend holiday. Villa first used in Roman Era, Romanian people spend their holiday I'm villa. Villa house comparatively luxurious than duplex house. Villa decorated with clubhouse, gym, pool, etc make visitor time more enjoyable. Small duplex house design make any design more attractive.

Bangladeshi House Design:

Here our client's Bangladeshi house design design. If you are interested duplex house picture please contact with us. Duplex House Design In Bangladesh  

House design in Bangladesh:

Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Duplex house plans in Bangladesh:

Duplex house price in Bangladesh  not very costly. Different developers sell duplex house. Duplex house for sale in Dhaka contact with us. Duplex house cost in Bangladesh not very high. For any types of house plan drawing Bangladesh contact with us. Here are some Duplex house plan.

Duplex House Design plan


What is the difference between duplex house design plan and penthouse?

Penthouse is the popular and mostly used place nowadays. Penthouse placed on top floor of multi-storey building or apartment. The main difference between duplex and penthouse is duplex house made with two floor and penthouse made in single floor. Penthouse mostly used for organizing party and make people life relaxing. We provide all types of building design in Bangladesh.

What is the Difference between duplex and independent house?

Normally Duplex house build within two story,  so that homeowners can't change this. If Duplex change and increase more story it's called multi story building. On the other hand independent house more different than duplex house. Homeowners can increase independent house multiple story building like villa, multi story building etc.

What are the different types of duplex homes?

Creativebuildingbd provide simple house design in Bangladesh. Duplex house divided into different category by design.

Here describe different types of duplex house and their purpose of uses.

Standard duplex: it's made with the gorgeous design and two different floor connected to the second floor by stairs. Living room, drawing room, dinning room and the kitchen placed on first floor. Bedroom, guest room and kids room placed on second floor. Ground duplex: Ground duplex house design different if compare with standard duplex. In this duplex garden and bedroom placed in first floor. In second floor kitchen, living room and dinner room placed. Low-rise duplex: low rise duplex build in tight space area. Balconies, bedroom and guest room placed in second floor and living room, kitchen placed in first floor.

Are duplex home design common in Bangladesh?

Duplex house design bd found all over in our country From last decay duplex house increased. Make time enjoyable and reduced stress. Duplex home design Bangladesh making increased both Dhaka and outside of Dhaka. We provide all types of small house design in Bangladesh.  

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