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How To Get Rid OF Polyurethane Smell From Floors?

How to get rid of polyurethane smell from floors?

Polyurethane coating is undoubtedly one of the most durable and beautiful than any standard floor. The smell of polyurethane is a bit like the smell of plastic, but it’s not nearly as common in homes. This can be a problem, especially if you have pets or open your windows often. The good news is that it’s easy to get the smell out of your home and restore it with a few quick steps! It’s also important to note that no single method will work for every polyurethane-coated floor in your house.

How to get rid of polyurethane smell from floors?

Get rid of polyurethane smell from floors follow these tips:

Open door and Window:

To get rid of the smell from your wood floor, you need to open up the door and windows. This will allow the heat and humidity to escape your home. You shouldn't leave a door open for too long as this may encourage mold growth in your home.

Use Fans:

Fans will help to circulate air throughout your home. This will help to remove the smell from the floor and other surfaces in your house. If you use fans, make sure that these are placed toward windows and doors.

Place air filter to filter out toxins:

If you can't open windows and doors for some reason, you can place air filters to filter out toxins. You may also be able to find activated carbon filters, which will help to remove the smell from your home.

Use Enzyme products:

Some commercial cleaners are available that use enzymes to get rid of the smell from the floor. These cleaners break down the molecules of polyurethane and replace them with fresh molecules. This will prevent the smells from returning over time. How to get rid of polyurethane smell from floors?

Apply Berger solution:

You can get Berger solution from supermarket or hardware stores. The solution will help to cut through the polyurethane and release the toxins into the air. You should use these solutions in a ventilated area and pass off any vapors that build up.

Apply lemons and water solution:

Another way to get rid of the smell from wood floor is to apply lemons and water solution. You can use half a lemon for this process. Cut the lemon in two, rub it on the surface of the wooden floor and leave it for an hour before washing it off with warm water.

Clean your floors with vinegar:

Vinegar is very effective at getting rid of polyurethane smell from floors. With floor cleaners, you may come across cleaners that spray deodorizing compounds on your wooden floors.

Apply charcoal:

You can also use charcoal to get rid of the smell from your floors. Make sure that you place the charcoal in a well-ventilated area, because any toxins will be released into the air. After about two hours, all toxins will have been absorbed by the charcoal, and you can simply vacuum it up and throw it away.

Apply baking soda:

You can apply baking soda on your floors to get rid of the smell. Scrub the floor with baking soda, and leave it overnight before rinsing it off with warm water in the morning.

How Long Does it Take for Polyurethane to Stop Smelling?

The only way to keep the smell from coming back is to keep up with the cleaning process. Normally require 12 days  to remove smell from floors. Remember that if you don't do your job, you may continue to get the smell back.

How long are polyurethane fumes toxic?

Polyurethane fumes take five to seven days to decrease. If you follow above tips fumes will remove fast before this time. If you don't clean the polyurethane floor, it may be hard to remove the smell.


It is a common problem of Polyurethane smell but it's not hard to remove. We have outlined some useful methods above. The process is easy and simple for anyone to use. You can also use other cleaning products that are designed to break down polyurethane molecules such as enzymatic cleaners but these are not necessary. Let us know if these tips work for you and if they do we would love it if you share this article with others.

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