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Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is a layer of thick liquid chemical solution. 

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Epoxy Floor PaInt

Decorative epoxy flooring is the combination of stunning metallic solution. 

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PU Floor

Pu industrial flooring is the combination of thermo setting polymer.

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floor hardener
floor hardener

Floor hardener can be used over newly placed concrete.

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Waterproofing Solution

Waterproofing make an structure waterproof.

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Duplex House Design In Bangladesh
Building design

After build any construction next step is interior design.

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Protective Coating Dhaka, Bangladesh

Protective Coating

What Is Protective Coating?

Protective coating is waterproof layer that is applied of another material or surface preventing corrosion. There are two kind of protective coating may metallic or non-metallic. Types of protective coating: Protective coating used for different purposes but main purpose is corrosion prevention. Non-metallic protective coatings include polymers, epoxies and polyurethane and metallic protecting coating include include zinc, aluminum and chromium.

Why protective coating need?

Provide protection:

Keep protect large industrial project need protective coating. Floor where heavy machinery stored required strong protecting coating. Industrial coating keep sheen, hardness, or temperature stable that not damage masonry.

Provide safety:

Safety is the essential part of industrial area. Sometimes floors become slippery for various reason, keep floor non slippery, non stick use protecting coating. Storage area, factory require to keep non slippery. Because slippery area may damage product quality.

Prevent corrosion:

Corrosion is one of the major cause of damaging large floor. Corrosion occurs in tough of air so if you coated your surface it's not damage in tough of air.

Keep surface clean:

Normal floor become sticky in wet dust. It's makes floor slippery and also damage surface. But if you use protective coating it's safe floor from too much dust.

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