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Epoxy is a layer of thick liquid chemical solution. 

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Is Epoxy Flooring Cheaper Than Tile?

Is Epoxy Flooring Cheaper Than Tile? Epoxy flooring is attractive, durable and popular choice for home and business owners. Epoxy flooring is non porous so perfect choose for basement, warehouse and storage surface. Epoxy floors are a great alternative to tile or concrete. Most of the customer want to know is epoxy cheaper than tile? In fact, the cost of epoxy flooring and tile is really competitive because both have its own advantages and disadvantages. To make a comparison, we will compare the material price, warranty, installation cost and floor maintenance cost. It's a little bit difficult to do a direct comparison so we try to give you an idea about which material is cheaper than tile.

The Costs of Epoxy and Tile Flooring:

The cost of epoxy flooring ranges from 140tk to 170tk per square foot and less than 30tk per square foot for installation. Floor tiles run prices between 120tk to 170tk per square foot, with higher installation costs of 30 to 50 per square foot.

Installation Cost:

Epoxy Flooring Installation Cost is lower than Tile Flooring. The single unit price of Epoxy flooring is less than that for tile flooring. The reason for this is that epoxy flooring covering a wider area and making sheet block out of plastic material thus eliminating labor costs to lay down the tiles. So it depends Which is cheaper epoxy floor or tiles in different matter.

Which is better epoxy flooring or tiles?

Tile has a single warranty with no service fee while epoxy has a 15 years warranty. Another important feature is epoxy flooring comes with a 10-year warranty of lifetime maintenance which the price of tile flooring can not offer. You can't get any joint in epoxy flooring so dust not trap on floor.

Benefits of Epoxy:

Epoxy floors are harder and have a longer life expectancy than tile flooring. Epoxy floors offer damp free floor where the floor is constantly wet. Another benefit of epoxy flooring is that it can be perfectly cleaned with a soft cloth. Another benefit:
  • No joints, no grout, no cracks, no more dust and dirt trapped on floor.
  • Easy to maintain, just clean with water and dry mop with a microfiber pad.
  • Scratch resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe
  • Customizable

Is Epoxy Flooring Cheaper Than Tile?

Benefits of Tile:

Tile flooring is slightly cheaper than epoxy flooring. The price of tile flooring is low but not perfect for warehouse or large area. Tile floors are highly recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways.
  • Beautiful patterns can be made from stone tiles, ceramic tiles and mosaics
  • Durability is another advantage, Tile floors are hard and last long if taken care of properly
  • Easy to clean with a wet mop or a microfiber pad.

Can you epoxy over tile floors?

Yes, you can epoxy over the existing tile floor to make sure the new floor is not damaged. The color of the new epoxy floor can match with the existing tile floors color. Other advantage is new epoxy floor will not cause any problem for the health and no dust will be trapped on the floor.

Bottom line:

It is hard to compare the price of epoxy and tile flooring directly, but it easy to see that the price of new tile flooring can be relatively more expensive than epoxy flooring. We recommend epoxy over tile for large area. Epoxy is not easy to crack and does not leave marks on the floor.

FAQs about is epoxy flooring cheaper than tile

Are Epoxy Floors Good For Kitchens?

Epoxy flooring is good for kitchens. Epoxy can be cleaned and disinfected like plastic floor, so it is easy to keep clean. Epoxy flooring protects against water spills and can handle staining from red wine. It is waterproof, fire resistant and very durable. High quality epoxy is also eco-friendly because it does not off-gas a lot of harmful chemicals when installed.

How long does epoxy flooring last?

The life expectancy of epoxy flooring is approximately 15 years. It is hard to say exactly how long epoxy flooring will last because it depends on the materials used and the quality of the installation. We recommend to choose epoxy flooring if the floor is exposed to water or if you want it to last longer than 15 years.

Can I Epoxy Over Concrete Floors?

Yes, you can epoxy over concrete floors but with proper preparation process. The surface must be cleaned and well prepared before installing the floor. It is recommended to use a sandblaster for removing loose debris and sanding the surface smooth before applying epoxy chemical.

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