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Who we are?

Creative Buildingbd is an architectural consultant and epoxy flooring firm. We provide you excellent building design with an affordable price. We have an experienced architect, civil engineer team.

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Is Epoxy Flooring Fire Resistant?

Is Epoxy Flooring Fire Resistant?

Epoxy flooring durable, tough, aesthetically pleasing and anti slip. Widely used in commercial space, store house, basement and warehouse. The main ingredient of this flooring resin, hardener and other admixture. Easily installed over concrete, wood, VCT, tile and net finishing floor. It can be applied in and dry area without any complication. It can withstand heavy traffic area, wet and high temperature. .
Epoxy flooring is resistant to water damage and two times more strong than other floorings like linoleum, wood, vinyl etc. It is specially designed for heavy traffic area.

Are There Fire-Rated Epoxy Flooring Options?

Yes, there are fire-rated epoxy flooring options are available! Fire-rated epoxy flooring options keep safe building from burning. We provide black, brown, white, and commercial grade finishes such as marble and granite. Fire-rated epoxy flooring create a thermal barrier between the flooring and the burning debris. These types of floors are very useful for places where there is a potential threat of fire.

Are epoxy floors heat resistant?

Epoxy floors are heat resistant and do not melt or deform under normal temperatures. The melting point of epoxy flooring is 275 Fahrenheit and when the temperature exceeds this, it starts to become brittle or melt. You can install epoxy floor in basement or other hot places. It is resistive to corrosion and not absorb moisture from environment.

Is epoxy flooring resistant to sunlight?

Epoxy floors are extremely resistant to sunlight and UV rays. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can install epoxy floor on terraces or roof top areas without the risk of damage due to sunlight.

Is epoxy flooring waterproof?

Yes, epoxy flooring is waterproof. Water cannot damage the surface and also it is easy to clean and very easy to use. You can install epoxy floor over a wet area without any worry about water damage. You can use this type of floors for bathroom and kitchen areas. It has excellent slip resistance in dry or wet surface.

Can epoxy catch fire?

The fire resistance of epoxy flooring depends upon the type of epoxy floor, there are several resins such as polyester resin, isocyanate resin, polyurethane and epoxy type. These types of flooring fire resistant with temperature up to 275 Fahrenheit. When the temperature exceeds this point it starts melting. It is recommended to epoxy flooring for commercial, basement, gymnasium, storage and warehouse areas.

Is epoxy flooring fire resistant?

Yes! It is fire resistant with temperature up to 275 Fahrenheit. While cross this it starts melting, like other floors not contribute to fires. Vinyl or linoleum floor spread flames or releasing poisonous smoke so that not suitable for storage area. You can install epoxy floor hospitals and schools without any doubt.

Can epoxy resin catch fire?

Epoxy resin is stable and non-toxic, it doesn’t react with chemicals. It is resistant to water damage, sunlight, mold and mildew. Epoxy resin doesn’t give any harmful fumes while burning or decomposing. It is non-flammable and doesn’t produce smoke while burning. It can even protect basement from water damage. We provide best quality epoxy products at affordable price.

Is epoxy flammable?

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener. When both are mixed together and applied properly, it can withstand high temperature and flame. It also prevents floor from water damage and humidity.
Is epoxy resin flammable?
Epoxy resin is made from chemically neutral product, it does not catch fire or burn. It remains stable under high temperature and flame. It does not produce any fumes during burning or decomposing. You can use it for storage area and other commercial spaces. It is resistant to corrosion and does not absorb moisture from surroundings.

Is cured epoxy flammable?

No, cured epoxy resin isn’t flammable. It can’t catch fire if not properly handled. Fire resistant epoxy flooring are resistant to fire and flame. It protects floor from water, heat and chemicals damage. You can install this type of flooring in your basement and storage surface. Cured epoxy not damage in installed high traffic areas.

Is epoxy flooring fire resistant?

Is cured epoxy flammable?

Not, cured epoxy resin isn’t flammable. It used for shining different products like flooring, furniture and other products. But for wrong way usage it can harm to the users. Cured epoxy flooring is fire resistant with temperature up to 275 Fahrenheit. When the temperature exceeds this point resin starts melting.

Is epoxy putty flammable?

Epoxy putty is made from 100% epoxy resin. It has no smell and doesn’t produce any fumes during burning or decomposing. It is resistant to fire, moisture and corrosion. It can withstand heavy traffic areas, wet and high temperature.

Is cured epoxy resin flammable?

Cured epoxy resin is not flammable. It is stable and non-toxic doesn’t react with chemicals. It contains different types of resins such as polyester resin, isocyanate resin, polyurethane and epoxy type.

Can epoxy resin melt?

No, epoxy resin not melt at normal temperature. It melts at 285 degree Celsius. Cured and uncured epoxy resin have different melting points. Uncured resin melts at 38 degree Celsius while cured resin melts at 285 degree Celsius. Cured epoxy flooring are resistant from heat and fire.

Bottom Line:

We offer a wide variety of epoxy floorings that are fire-rated. We provide different types of epoxy flooring such as epoxy floors, wood & laminate floors and composite wood products. Our product is best in quality and affordable rates. For more information please call us: 01874621251 or 01571725574 number.

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Are Epoxy Floors Expensive?

Are epoxy floors expensive?

Epoxy floors are wide used product, but they remain relatively unknown among homeowners and business owner. This is particularly true for those who have never seen this type of flooring before. About the only thing that most people know about these types of floors is that they tend to be on the pricey side, costing thousands of dollars in some cases. But are epoxy floors expensive or it worth it to epoxy garage floor? The answer depends on who you ask.  Our experts engineer are available to answer any questions for your particular needs

The price of epoxy varies upon:

  • Job site
  • Condition
  • Square Footage
  • Timing

Epoxy flooring costs ranged from 140tk to 170tk for the BD in 2022 according to CreativeBuilding. Professional epoxy flooring installation costs anywhere from 200tk to 250tk per square foot including materials and labor.

Three epoxy flooring categories:

The epoxy floors can be installed on any type of sub floor, from plywood to concrete or even concrete. The price of the epoxy tiles are determined by the cost of the material and labor.

Because the chemical composition of epoxy is complicated and it takes time, a professional epoxy flooring installation project will take 2-3 days including prep time. A professional epoxy flooring installation project can not be completed in one day.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Cost:

The commercial epoxy floors are much more than a simple garage floor. The basic process of epoxy floor installation follows the same as for residential projects with some key differences. Also, the steps and materials required to complete the epoxy flooring installation can be more involved. Common industry standards specify an epoxy floor installation project requires specialized equipment and materials.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Cost:

The industrial epoxy floors are used in a variety of applications, including factories and warehouses. Commonly known as “industrial flooring” or “industrial epoxy flooring,” these materials are often used in high traffic and heavy industrial settings. Epoxy floors are very durable, making it the perfect material for facilities that require a highly durable and waterproof material.

DIY Epoxy Flooring Cost:

At present, many people are going for to DIY epoxy flooring as it is quite cost effective and can add an elegant touch of luxury to any room. A well-planned step-by-step process, you can easily install your own epoxy floor with minimum effort, although it is advised that you hire a professional contractor in installing the material in larger areas.

Are epoxy floors expensive?

Are epoxy floors expensive?

Epoxy floors cost little bit high than traditional floor. It comes under the category of premium materials and high durability that is the reason for higher prices range. The epoxy floors are having high resistance to heat and moisture, which makes it a durable material that can be used again and again after wearing off. Also, this type of floor is not easy to damage, so you do not need to worry about your kids or pets damaging them. It also has a gloss look that gives an elegant touch of luxury in your home. People who want to build a swimming pool or an entire room may pay thousands of dollars for the installation. However, if you do not need a large and full-sized epoxy floor, the cost is relatively cheap.

It worth it to epoxy garage floor?

The answer to this question depends on the types of epoxy you choose. There are different types of epoxy available in the market. The price range for each type of epoxy floor is different. Garage floor tackles lots of dust, dirt, grease and outdoor messy everyday. Epoxy floor is perfect for such floor so it is not worth epoxy garage floor.

Bottom line:

We can say that epoxy flooring cost is reasonable because of the material used in this type of flooring. The durability, longevity and high resistant to moisture and heat make it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial use.

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Is Epoxy Flooring Slippery When Wet?

Is epoxy flooring slippery

Epoxy flooring is rapidly growing trend for homeowners who have a large space. Anti static epoxy floor paint widely used in commercial retail, offices and warehouses. Epoxy flooring is a durable, water resistant product that can give your space the look you want. However, some people may be concerned about whether epoxy flooring is slippery or not. This post will give you information on how to assess is epoxy flooring slippery when wet and how to make epoxy floor non slip.

Like Epoxy flooring cement floor epoxy coating is waterproof, non-slip surface that can be installed in any room because it is a durable and flexible material. It is mainly used for interior flooring in warehouses, commercial offices and home. Epoxy liquid is a perfect choice for an easy installation of your epoxy flooring. One excellent advanced of  epoxy flooring is temperature resistant and adhere to the existing interior surfaces. Epoxy liquid and solid form of the same product, they are both the same with different consistencies or viscosities. If you compare with epoxy flooring vs tiles most advantage goes to epoxy floor.

Is epoxy flooring slippery?

Normally commercial epoxy floor is non slippery when get wet.  If berger epoxy floor paint installed without chipping or peeling it becomes slightly slippery than normal slippery floor. Another reason would be if not used anti-slip properties, especially the parts with higher concentrations of epoxy resin. To prevent the floor from becoming slippery, you just add in an anti-slip agent. As you can see, is epoxy flooring slippery? The answer is No.

Is Epoxy Flooring Slippery When Wet?

How Can You Make Epoxy Floors Less Slippery?

The question of how can you make epoxy flooring non slippery is a common one, especially in places where people may be walking on wet and slippery surfaces. Below are some suggestions to help you make your floor less slippery :

Add an Anti-Slip Coating:

For making your floor less slippery, you can put an anti-slip coating on the finished epoxy flooring. Anti-slip coating have different types and shapes. You can choose the type that is suitable for the floor and the environment where you are installing.

To make your floor less slippery, one of the best ways to apply coating is by using a spray gun. This type of spray is fast, efficient and allows you to control every single spot on your floor. You can use paints or other products that are designed as anti-skid coating.

Put Rubber Mat:

Rubber mat is a thick layer of rubber sheet with the thickness of 3mm to 4mm. You need to apply rubber mat on your epoxy flooring Brisbane directly, no matter whether it is a solid or liquid form of the material. Rubber mat can be applied as a film, but then it will create a bumpy surface. You should take guidance from the professional before using rubber mat on your floor.


You can also use insulating flooring for making the epoxy floor less slippery. In this case, you need to apply under-floor insulation in the area where you are going to install your flooring. This will keep the room warm and prevent any moisture made by visitors from escaping into the building’s structure.

Is Epoxy Flooring Slippery When Wet?

Try a Containment Mat:

You can also use a containment mat or mat for preventing the slippery from your floor. This is another method to make your floor less slippery by using a sticky or rubberized surface substance. There are many types of containment mats, such as non-adhesive safety mat, anti-fatigue mat, and anti-slip foam among others. Green epoxy floor is an advanced technology in making epoxy paints. It allows the use of different colors in the same painting process.

Clean Floor Regularly:

The most common way to reduce slippery floor is by cleaning your epoxy floor regularly. The periodic cleaning will also help to lubricate the floor and make it more slippery. You can use water and soap to wash your epoxy flooring and rinse it properly. Proper cleaning of the room will prevent mud and rolling on the surface of your flooring. If you have pets in the house, then it is recommended to clean your floor on a regular basis.

Bottom Line:

It’s up to you. But if you use right practice, your epoxy flooring will be durable and attractive. You don’t need to worry about your floor being slippery. You will be able to keep your space clean, comfortable and neat.

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