Waterproofing And Dampproofing Specialist In Bangladesh

Waterproofing And Dampproofing Specialist In Bangladesh

Welcome to world of Waterproofing!!
Creativebuildingbd is the best waterproofing and dampproofing service provider in Bangladesh. Waterproofing used over the structure or floor or walls to make surface or object waterproof or water-resistant.
It’s save your structure from water and sudden damp, it’s mostly used in rainy season. Beacuse of heavy rainfall while your roof or walls become damp use waterproof chemical on surface.

We have experienced engineer and best applicator so that we can provide best service to you with an affordable price. We also provide PU flooring in Bangladesh, Epoxy flooring, Floor Hardener, Vinyl flooring, Swimming Pool, PU Foam and Polished concrete service.

Why Need Concrete Waterproof?

If you are concrete floor user you may know concrete is porous surface. So that it’s absorb water and make your surface damp. Concrete is suitable for both industrial and resedencial surfaces. Concrete floors is also hard, safe and hygienic for food beverage company. But if your concrete floor become sweat it’s make surface slippery. Concrete sweat oçcurs when cool air entire in warm room or outside cold beverage become warm for entire air. Concrete sweat also occurs in garage floor for car temperature. If you use rubber carpet to prevent concrete sweat it’s not proper solution because it’s not permanently stop concrete sweat. You may use waterproof on concrete surface that permanently slove your problem. We provide different types of waterproofing. These are:

1. Hydrocarbon Waterproofing
2. Injection Epoxy/PU Grouting
3. Acrylic Base Waterproofing
4. EPDM Waterproofing Membrane
5. Crystalline Waterproofing
6. Bitomine Waterproofing
7. Polyurethane Waterproofing
8. Cementicious Waterproofing
9. Bitomine Sheet Waterproofing
10. Epoxy Waterproofing

How to Waterproof Floors Step-by-Step?

Take essential tools and materials:
Before starting task you require some essential tools make your waterproof task easy.

Take primer, silicone and waterproofing sealer. Also need paint roller or brush, knife, vacuum cleaner or mop. Wear protective gloves, eye glasses to keep safe your eye and hand.

Properly Clean Surface:

Clean surface is the mandatory matter because if any dust remain on surface it’s leave permanently under the waterproof.
If you use waterproof on room move all furniture before starting waterproofing task.
Clean your floor properly, gather all types of large dirt and then use vacuum to remove fine dust. Ventilates room properly because waterproof solution dry fast in well ventilated area. Try to apply waterproof solution in sunny day or dry weather because wet weather delay waterproof drying process.

Apply the Primer:

After selecting your required primer apply it on surface. Pour primer on paint roller or paint roller tray. From corner of room start to apply primer then apply on walls and surrounding area. Apply primer 7 to 8 inch off walls, if start to apply from small to rest area it’s make your task easy. Normally primer required 4 to 5 hours to dry properly.

Fill Cracks to use silicone:

While primer become fully dry, it’s time to fill cracks with silicone. If any crack visible between the floor and wall fill crack with silicone.

You may use caulking gun to apply the silicone on surface. Silicone application quite different so required extra care. Use a paint scraper to remove excess amount of silicone and make surface smooth. Let dry silicone 24 hours and enjoy crack free surface.

Use painter’s tape to mark walls:

To keep mark the waterproofing walls use painter’s tape. Select 1/2-foot area to waterproof floors. Painter’s tape safe for structure it’s keep safe surface from damage and from damp. For best results use tape six feet up the wall, using tape is the essential part of waterproofing so don’t avoid this process.

Apply waterproofing first coat:

Now apply waterproofing first coating, pour sealer into a paint roller tray. Using paint roller or paintbrush apply waterproofing solution on walls to ceiling and rest of area.
If waterproofing hardwood or wood floors use urethane waterproof sealer or oil based sealer to keep floor natural look. Use mop or other natural material while using urethane sealer. It’s provide smooth and natural floor colors.
If waterproofing rooftop follow first waterproofing applying step. Following same method apply primer on the surface.

Set waterproof membrane:

Use Waterproof membrane on floors and your required area. Waterproof membrane is the highly recommend product that protect surface from excess humidity. Using knife cut membrane from the floor to wall. Membrane cover hidden crack of floors and also prevent excess moisture of weather.
Let dry membrane and first coat of waterproofing at least 24 hours.

Apply waterproofing second coat:

After completing second coat of waterproofing it’s time to apply second coat of waterproofing. Not need to apply second coat of membrane. While second coat will dry remove tape from surface and enjoy your new waterproof surface.

Final words:

Now you know full step of waterproofing solution. If you are not able to perform this task call us in 01571725574 number. Hopefully our tips make your waterproof task easy and fast, for such amazing tips connect with us.

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